PROCOL Kenya Hackathon

Building a Prosperity Index for Kenya and the World

10am-1pm, 17th August, 2019, British Institute in Eastern Africa

This ‘hackathon’ meet-up will introduce participants to PROCOL Kenya’s prosperity research and challenge you to build new Prosperity metrics.

tomotoes market.jpeg

This ProCol event is designed to exchange ideas about current and future uses of data and information in building Prosperity in Kenya and across the continent. We will exchange ideas on what Prosperity means to you and compare this with what communities in other parts of the world consider Prosperity to be. We will examine how Prosperity Indices have been co-created with communities in other places – in east London and Beirut in Lebanon. We will look at how the Africa Regional Data Cube, geographic information systems and earth observation can be used to develop future businesses and jobs here in Kenya. The idea is to create better data and information systems to support better decision making and improve lives. In the room we will have data and information from different places in Kenya and will be asking you how you think you can help build a voice for your community through data and information

 During the day we will use the Big Four Agenda and agriculture as a particular focus of discussions. How do you think that data can be used to innovate agriculture and improve the prosperity of small-scale farmers? We will ask what kind of data are needed to improve the value chain? How can we use space data to improve agriculture? Moving from the farmer to the trader and wholesaler to the consumer – how do you think data can help in handling potatoes/maize/tomatoes improve the value chain? We will look at examples of digital platforms that are helping farmers in Vihiga, Makueni and Marakwet improve crop production.

To register please email Eve Njau