Our Approach

Our research is grounded in the premise that holistic, inclusive and locally contextual pathways to prosperity must be developed to positively shape the future. Given the considerable environmental challenges Africa faces, localised understandings of natural prosperity are crucial. By fusing the latest scientific technologies with local knowledge, we build a case-specific picture of the challenges to natural prosperity and what communities need to do to adapt and thrive in the face of change.

As with our other research projects in East London and Lebanon citizen science is integral to our work. We deploy a team of local citizen scientists who are trained in research skills and conduct interviews with policy-makers, community leaders and residents in research sites. They use their own knowledge of the local area to inform, influence and shape the direction of research.

Our collaborative approach ensures our findings are informed by local understandings of well-being and quality of life and that community level information is embedded within our research. From this evidence base, we are able to work closely with community members and local government, to develop consensus based decision making and co-design effective policy recommendations that are resilient, sustainable and socially just.

Given that many African countries share similar challenges, we believe our approach can be tailored to communities across Kenya and beyond. Our research is also in-line with major developmental frameworks, and by demonstrating best practice, we broaden the prosperity debate and encourage large-scale policy change.