What is Prosperity?

Our understanding of prosperity is changing. The widespread persistence of poverty coupled with the enormous environmental challenges that will characterise this century have demonstrated both the limits to conventional thinking and the urgency for devising alternative pathways to prosperity.

We aim to facilitate a broader discussion about how we think about, measure and plan for a prosperous and sustainable future. Our approach stems from the recognition that we live in an interconnected world with common challenges but also an understanding that conceptions of prosperity are multifarious and vary across cultures, geographies and communities. 

We employ bottom-up, community-oriented research to understand what prosperity means within the local context. Through trans-disciplinary and collaborative efforts we engage a range of stakeholders including citizens, academics, scientists and policy-makers to build a holistic picture of challenges to prosperity and the potential solutions. From this we design and implement policies and, by demonstrating best practice, challenge assumptions, transform decision-making and propose new ways forward.