Rethinking prosperity for Africa

Prosperity Co-Lab (PROCOL) Kenya is an innovative collaborative research programme seeking to broaden the discussion of what constitutes prosperity in Africa. Led by the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London in close collaboration with local partners, our research harnesses cutting edge science, community knowledge, astute policy development and participatory research methods to develop smarter, localised understandings of prosperity that can be tailored to communities across Africa.

Our understanding of prosperity is changing. For decades prosperity has been associated with economic development through industrialisation, and GDP oriented economic growth has been seen as the only way to improve standards of living. Environmental degradation, pressure on resources and the persistence of widespread poverty have demonstrated not only the shortcomings of this vision, but have also made it evident that it is fundamentally unsustainable, and cannot deliver wellbeing and long-term opportunities for citizens and communities across the globe.

Looking ahead to the challenges Africa faces, notably climate change, urbanisation and the future of work it is clear a new vision encompassing natural prosperity will be needed to create communities that are sustainable, autonomous and resilient. While Kenya embodies many of the challenges faced across sub-Saharan Africa, we also see it as a hub of innovation and inspiration that is fostering African solutions to global problems.

Alongside PROCOL Kenya, the Institute for Global Prosperity is also running prosperity co-labs in Lebanon and London. Follow this link to find out more about the Institute for Global Prosperity.


By working with rural agricultural communities in Kenya we are helping develop agricultural practices that allow communities to adapt and thrive in the face of change.

Natural prosperity

Natural prosperity is a measure of the interdependence between well-being, wealth and nature, based on the premise that a well functioning healthy natural world is integral to prosperity.

Sustainable cities

Alongside local communities we are working to develop a prosperity index for Nairobi to understand what sustainable prosperity means for Africa’s cities.

Citizen science

To ensure community level information is embedded within our findings, we use participatory research drawing on the knowledge and skills of local community members in Lebanon, London and Kenya.

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